Posted on Feb 25, 2014 in News |

Vermont antler delivery of Moose & Elk antlers

We have a number of projects to complete and we’re ramping up the creation process to support our Gallery in Waitsfield, Vermont and our 2014 Show schedule.

Last weekend, I received a delivery of real Moose, Elk and Deer sheds to be used in creating a number of new real antler creations.

Antlers are shed naturally from Moose, Elk and Deer once a year in late winter. Antlers then start to re grow shortly after and can grow 2 inches in just one day!

They are truly Mother Nature’s gift and I take great pride in making something special in ever piece. It amazes me on how these animals survive harsh winters, hunting season and most of all car collisions.

I treat each antler as a piece of art and I’m very fortunate to have the talent to create these one of a kind pieces of art that can be appreciated for generations to come.