Posted on Jul 15, 2013 in News |
Mad River Antler featured on Boston’s Channel 5

On July 10th, Boston’s channel 5 WCVB, Chronicle show replay a show done on the Mad River Valley, VT. It featured a host of businesses which included Mad River Antler. The show was well done and I’ve received may calls and emails regarding my creations.

To check out the show click on the following links. They did it in four segments and I encourage you to take a little time a view them. After watching, feel free to Contact Us to setup an appointment to see our Gallery.

Segment one [soaring, archey bunker]

Segment two  [Discover Maps, Liz Lovely, All Things Xmas]

Segment three [Sugarbush, Green Mtn Opera, Madsonian Museum, MAD RIVER ANTLER, Sketchy]

Segment four [Sugarbush, Opera, Antlers, All Things, Bunker, Soaring]