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New Antler Creations for the 2015 Fall Show Season

I’m preparing for the upcoming 2015 fall show season which kicks off Labor Day weekend at the Mad River Valley Craft Fair in Waitsfield, VT. Six days later I’ll be showing off my antler art creations at the Adirondack Rustic Furniture Show at the Adirondack Museum in Long Lake, NY.

Here’s a nice piece from WFFF TV in Burlington about the 2015 MRV Craft Fair:

I’ve spent the summer months creating a number of new pieces that will be available for sale including Elk-Moose Floor lamp, Moose Antler-base Coffee Table, Moose Antler End Table, Elk Antler End Tables, and various Antler lamps shown below. Remember, all of my creations are made from real antler sheds. No reproductions allowed!

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Elk- Moose Floor lamp: Stunning tall lamp featuring real elk, moose and a couple of mule deer antler sheds. All electrical components are UL Listed featuring a full range dimmer. The shade measures 21 inches and is made from real white birch bark hand crafted by a Indian reservation in Minnesota. The cherry burl shelve measures 32 inches from the floor by 14 inches in diameter. Overall height of the lamp is 53 inches floor to light fixture.


Moose Base Coffee Table: Features real moose shed base and walnut top measuring 24″ wide at the thickest point x 37″ long. It stands 16″ from the floor to the top. Moose sheds are from northern Vermont and Walnut top is from the Adirondacks hand finished to a smooth finish. The 2 sides are what I call “Live” edge. It’s the natural walnut bark. Very cool piece.


Moose End Table: This table features a combination of real moose and mule deer for the base. The top is sugar maple that measures 18″ in diameter. The height of the table is 21″ from the floor to the top.




Elk End Table: Features real Elk -Mule deer base with yellow birch top. Table measures 24″ height and top is 22″ wide x 15″ in the center. The natural colors of the yellow birch top beam out like fingers.


Antler Table Lamps: From left to right, 1) Real Moose base with 16″ square brazlian agate and pheasant feather shade. 2.) Real Whitetail base with 15″ round real cedar botanical shade. 3) Real Moose base with 16″ round brazilian agate and cedar shade. All feature antler tip on/off switch that hangs from the middle and antler finials to top them off. All shades are hand crated in the USA.