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Now in Lake Placid, NY

I’m very excited about the opportunity to display/sell my creations at the Cornerstone Rustic & Craft Gallery on Main Street, Lake Placid, NY. I delivered a number of pieces this week just in time for a huge event that will be taking place this Saturday February 21st at the Herb Brooks Arena in downtown Lake Placid. The entire 1980 Mens USA hockey team will be reunited for the first time in Lake Placid since the huge USA win over the Russians. Can you believe it’s been 35 years since we took it to the Russians? Relive the Miracle on Ice and watch again the broadcast that kept me on the edge of my seat and made me a hockey fan for LIFE!

As I toured Lake Placid, I was in awe of the number of winter activities that were taking place all around me. The lake had dog sled rides and a eight foot swath around the entire perimeter of the lake for recreational skating. Just in front of the arena was the speed skating oval with many recreational skaters as well. A small outdoor hockey rink had a number of children playing.

I stopped for a moment and remembered Eric Heiden’s FIVE Gold medals he won “Outside” no less. I had to Google him to see what he’s doing now, he’s a Orthopedic Surgeon.

I highly suggest making the time to visit such a historical place in the near future. And of course, stop by the  Cornerstone Rustic Craft and Gallery to shop.


Picture of interior 1
New Moose Floor Lamp with Maple Shelve