Posted on Jan 11, 2019 in News |
Sugarbush Resort Chandelier Install

Created a Whitetail Chandelier for Sugarbush Resort, Allyn’s Lodge up at the top of the Lincoln Peak.

What a great space to showcase my creations. I can’t thank Sugarbush enough for thinking of me when sourcing new lighting for the lodge.

The trick was getting up to the Lodge. We securely placed the chandelier on the chairlift. I sat next to it for added stability. Once near the top, the snow and wind was a factor. We had a number of people to help unload and sled it down to the Lodge, very cool.

Once in the Lodge, took down an existing ceiling fan and installed the real whitetail chandelier with a cool dimmer feature.

lodge chandelier in front of fireplace

lodge chandelier from bottom

Allyn’s Lodge hosts Cabin Cat Fireside Dining. I was fortunate enough a few years ago to be invited to one. You meet at the base of the mountain and load into the Cabin Cat which has a full size color monitor that shows you where your going since the drivers cabin area blocks the front. I really hit it the night I went, it was snowing which made the experience even better!

Inside the lodge it was all set with a long dining table in the center in front of the fireplace. I immediately thought that a real antler chandelier would look great there and really add to the experience.

I want to thank Sugarbush Resort again for thinking of me.

Cabin Cat flyer

Allyns table 2018

Lodge chandelier with lights on