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Sugarbush Resort Chandelier Install

Delivered and installed a Real Whitetail Chandelier for Sugarbush Resort, Allyn’s Lodge up at the top of the Lincoln Peak.

It was the first time I ever used a chair lift to deliver one of my real antler creations. The weather at the base was overcast and up on the top it was windy and snowing. With the help of a few Sugarbush employees, we place the chandelier on a sled and transported it to the lodge. Again, a first time for utilizing a sled to deliver a chandelier:)

Inside we hung the chandelier from an existing ceiling fan space. We centered it the middle of the structure in front of the fireplace.


lodge chandelier in front of fireplace

lodge chandelier from bottom

The chandelier will really make an impact on the overall ambience of the Lodge for Sugarbush’s guests attending Allyn’s Lodge  Cabin Cat Fireside Dining.

It’s on my bucket list to dine up at the lodge and embrace the whole event from the Cabin Cat ride up, the dinner and the sking down with a head lamp. I was fortunate enough a few years ago to be invited to one.

The dinner was excellent but sking down in the dark was awesome. With my supplied head lamp, a Sugarbush attendant leads you down a freshly groomed trail. As I turned the corner onto the trail Snowball, the whole Mad River Vally lights up. I stopped for a moment to enjoy the moment knowing this is something that I don’t normally have the opportunity to do.

The night ended with desert at Rumbles Kitchen. Each of us chatted about our cool ride down the mountain and what a night it was. This was one of the coolest dinners I have ever experienced.

I can’t thank Sugarbush enough for thinking of me for adding a rustic touch to the lighting at Allyn’s Lodge.

Cabin Cat flyer

Allyns table 2018

Lodge chandelier with lights on