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Vermont Festival of the Arts at the Red Barn

Drawing for Red Barn chandelier creationVermont Festival of the Arts

The Vermont Festival of the Arts, produced by The Valley Arts, runs through the entire month of August in various locations throughout the Mad River Valley.

I created a large Moose-Elk antler chandelier for one of the venues located at Lareau Farm Inn in Waitsfield, Vermont home of a Valley Icon, American Flatbread.

I had a number of Moose and elk antler sheds that I wanted to do something special with. I designed the bottom portion first using real elk and mule deer antler sheds and then placed the antlers in place. The blue tape marked out the lights that are equally spaced out for balance.

antler placement bottom

The next step was to arrange the uprights which I used real Moose sheds. Setting these are very challenging due to the weight and size. I want good balance as I create it without compromising the look at eye level. Once I satisfy myself, the next big step is hanging it.

placing moose antlers onto fixture

chandelier ready for lights redbarn balancing moose chandelier

Now I’m ready to set the light sockets. I use candelabra type sockets and real antler for the light covers. Each one is individually set plum one at a time. All the wire leading to sockets are concealed inside the antler. Meaning, all the antlers are drilled out to make room for the wire. All holes for wires and screw heads are covered and artistically painted to blend in with the natural antler look.

setting light sockets in the antler chandelier

Fixture with lights on the new moose antler chandelier

closeup of antler light sockets

I then had a few friends from the Valley here to hang it in the Red Barn at Lareau Farm in time for the festival. Many thanks for the Festival for allowing me to show case my work and to my friends that helped me deliver and hang it.

Installing a chandelier in the red barn at Flatbread

Moose and deer antler chandelier hanging at American Flatbread's Red Barn