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Great gift for any home decor.

Sorry, Wine not included:)


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I create this real antler wine bottle holder out of real whitetail deer antlers that are shed naturally. This particular wine holder is made to fit 2 standard 750ml wine bottles and sits on a countertop, table or shelf. Each antler hand selected and finished to bring the natural brown hue colors out in these one-of-a-kind creations provided by mother nature herself.

I take great pride in only using real unblemished antler in designing each piece for balance and to show Mother Natures works of art in a elogant style. Real antler wine racks lamps can fit in any home decor and it always attracts the attention from family and friends. I find it truly incredible how the whole real antler process happens.

These wine racks make great gifts and go in any home decor setup. I create each of these wine bottle holders one at a time and no two are alike. If you have a particular antler type or style you are interested in other then whitetail deer, I can custom make with different species’ antlers, just contact me directly.