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A Tribute to an Antler Shed Hunter

riley the antler dog with 27 findsRiley, the Antler Shed Dog

I was saddened to hear the news that a 12-½ year old black lab named “ Riley” passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Riley was an antler hunter. He found over a hundred shed antlers over the years. He primarly found naturally shed Moose antlers in all sizes. His owner/trainer, Steve, spent many hours training and hiking with Riley. Steve was obviously upset over the loss.

Training a Lab to find sheds is not easy. However, it seems to just come to some dogs naturally. I believe Riley had that, but also really enjoyed being out with his human companion every spring to help with cabin fever. Riley was very successful.

Steve logged every antler Riley found and labeled each with date and location. I would always get a kick out of looking at the number of sheds Riley found each season.

riley the antler dog christmas 2015Riley in Action thanks to Vermont Outdoor Journal

Vermont Public TV, Outdoor Journal did a segment on Riley and Steve. I highly recommend watching it to see how hard it is to find antlers and how Riley went about his business in the woods.

Click on the underlined link above. Riley’s segment is the first 12 minutes. Very informative and fun to watch. Enjoy:)

Please Note: IOS phones will not be able to play video:(

Antler creations from Riley’s hunting trips

I’ve created a number of pieces from chandeliers to table and floor lamps with the moose sheds found by Riley. A sampling of those creations are displayed below:

moose table lampmoose end tableMoose antler lamp with agate shade


Shed season without Riley…now what?

Gunner the black lab puppy who will hunt antler sheds

Steve sent me a note just the other day, that he and his wife just got a puppy and named it “Gunner”. They plan on training him to find antlers sheds in the woods.

Riley surely will be missed this upcoming shed season. I plan on keeping in touch with Steve to track Gunner’s progress.

Thanks Riley!