Purchasing Mad River Antler Work

Antler items

Over the past 15 years I’ve used a variety of purchasing platforms on my web site including Google and Etsy. All of them took a nice commission and shipping costs was always difficult to calculate.

I’ve found that working with each customer through web “contact us” page, email and phone works best for the way I do business. Plus, it offers a more personal interaction with the customer knowing exactly what they want.

Customers send me measurements, drawings and pictures of the space they are decorating. Based on that information I’m able to provide sizing, options, cost and pictures onto what to expect.

For show season ( see events page ) I create one-of-a-kind and interesting items to display. While most sell at the shows, some make the trek back to the studio with me.

Pictured below is a few items I have leftover from the 2022 Show/Event season that are available for sale. You’re welcome to Contact Me for more details and  availability. 

Thanks for considering my work:)

Ken Kenia
Mad River Antler


Things for sale