Geronimo Southwest Grill

Another nice project. The owner of Geronimo’s ( New Haven, CT) called and said he’d be visiting Vermont and would like to discuss a chandelier for one of his new restaurants. Marc stopped by and we bounced some ideas around. He had a faux antler chandelier currently and he just hated it.

I created a smaller real antler chandelier for one of his other restaurants a while back. Marc wanted the piece to be an eye catcher for his new restaurant, a center piece and that could be viewed from the street window as well. I was concerned about the ceiling height. We went back and forth making sure the piece would not be over barring to the space.

Upon delivering it, we were able to adjust the height of the chandelier to ensure proper fit. It looks great and the customers and Marc love it. Thanks again Marc for the opportunity.

The New 6 Light Elk/Mule Deer Combination

Geronimo chandelier

Replacing the Faux chandelier

GeronimoCT old