Packing and Shipping

When creating unique, valuable antler artwork for clients all over the world, packaging, shipping, and delivery become a crucial part of the overall process. My Vermont-crafted antler pieces have shipped to dozens of states in the US, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and even a multi-piece project in Singapore.

Larger antler chandeliers, floor lamps and furniture get crated very securely. Then we load them onto LTL trucks that are usually sourced through a broker to get the best rates for our customers. All other antler decor items, table lamps, sconces and other accessories, we prefer using UPS.

  • The customer is responsible for the shipping and handling charges for most of my shipments.
  • All of my shipments are insured and have tracking. Once the item is shipped, I email shipment confirmation including tracking to our customers.
  • Customer pickups are always welcome to reduce the handling cost and eliminate the shipping cost.
  • I will deliver to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and all of New England – usually at flat rate fee.

packing antler chandelier

packing antler chandelier

loading antler crated box