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Featured in Stowe Magazine 2017 Summer Edition

I’m featured in Stowe Guide Magazine

Last winter, a writer from Stowe Magazine contacted me about learning more about the work I do. We scheduled a time to talk, then another to have the author and a photographer come see me in my workshop. We talked about all the work I do, the multiple shows each year in the Vermont and New York areas as well as the dozens of pieces in homes & businesses in and around Stowe.

Download and Read the article in the 2017 Stow Magazine about Mad River Antler

I can’t believe I’m into my 10th year bringing the outdoors indoors. I love creating pieces of functional art provided by Mother Nature herself. Each piece is totally unique and One Of a Kind.

The article features some of my best work to date. The combination Moose and Elk chandelier with stained glass down-lights with hand painted pine needles is one of my favorites. That custom piece was designed and created for The Reks resteraunt up by Sugarbush Resort. I’ve received many compliments and it’s the center piece for the restaurant.

The other was for a new timber frame home located in Warren, VT. The home owners have purchased a number of my real antler shed creations for the years. They wanted a center piece for their living room that features a beautiful stone fireplace. The chandelier I created was a combination of real elk and mule deer sheds featuring real antler light sockets. If fit the space perfectly. The home owners have allowed me numerous times to come onsite for pictures and were super to work with.