Casper Drive project located in Warren, Vermont is a new timber frame home. The owner was in contact with me months before the house was completed. He and his wife wanted a centerpiece for their living room pictured below.

Based on the dimensions of that room, I proposed and created a 48″ x 48″ cascading elk and deer antler combination with ten lights with real antler light sockets for the center of the room. I suggested a dimmer circuit allowing the 40 watt bulbs to be dimmed making it a very cool lighting feature. Taking pictures in a darkened room is difficult, but I can assure you, with a nice fire going and the antler chandelier dimmed, the overall feel of the room is truly priceless.

I constructed the chandelier using only real antlers that were naturally shed. I individually selected and finished to preserve and enhance the naturally beauty each antler. All electrical components are UL listed and a metal 3/4″ rod support the hanging chain.

Casper chandelier

elk/deer chandelier large

bottom view

bottom view