Spotlighting in my December 2023 Newsletter is the Northfield. The chandelier features six lights made from real antler. It consists of real elk and mule deer antlers.

I’ve met Mike, my customer a number of years ago. Mike and his family saw me at the Waitsfield Farmers Market when I first started back 16 years ago. They’ve visited my shop and purchased a few of my pieces along the way. Mike made it known that he would someday be in the market for a real chandelier when his dream addition is completed. The farm house is very cool and is located not too far from Norwich University. The house has been in the family for a number of generations. The addition came out great and the chandelier fits perfectly into the space.

I was somewhat concerned when arrived after a prior snow storm that the doorway maybe an issue. I always ask my customers when preparing a proposal, door openings which would dictate the overall size. With Mikes’s help, we angled the chandelier in through the side entrance door:)

I enjoyed working with the Mike and his family. I’m very thankful for all the pictures.

The Northfield

The Northfield

The Northfield

Lets get this chandelier into the house:)

Northfield delivery