Create & Ship to Asia

Yes, I created a number of pieces and shipped them to Singapore. How cool is that!

At first, I was receiving emails from my client in Singapore and I was just deleting them thinking they were spam emails. My customer decided to call me and discuss his project. As you can imagine, I was very apologetic and mentioned I thought I was receiving spam. He immediately let me know that he was a real person😀

Ching had business to take care of in New Hampshire and wanted to schedule a meeting at my shop to confirm I use only real antlers that were naturally shed and view my creations to get a feel for me and my work.

We discussed some ideas and developed a plan to create two mule deer and elk chandeliers and four white tail sconces. They needed to be safely packed/crated and shipped.

Ching really wanted to get to know me and it was important for him to meet the artist, I believe we hit it off. He accepted my proposals and I went right to work.

Singapore picture layout

I provided him updates and pictures on a biweekly basis, as I do for all my custom work. Then issues developed. When I sent the last set of pictures which shown all the lights that were just set, he mentioned that the voltage current in Singapore is 220V. All my creations are 120v. This was a big issue!

I got my handy dandy Electrician Kerry involved to discuss the problem. He developed a schematic to add a transformer since it was a new house install. Ching did not want that and prefer reworking the sockets. The main wire was ok, but the sockets had to be reworked and needed to install 220v Euro candelabra sockets. Now these aren’t something you find just anywhere in the USA. Luckily, I found a specialty lamp parts place in Long Island, NY.

Ching sent me 220v bulbs from Singapore so I can test everything once I completed the rework. Now the Second problem. I could not reproduce 220v platform to test.

Ching instructed me to pack/ crate and ship them all over. He was confident that it will be ok. I was not comfortable since I test everything I create before delivery.

I crated and loaded them on my truck to take down to our local hardware store which had a forklift. We coordinated the trucker and loaded them in route to Boston.

I was thinking it would be weeks before I would hear if everything got there intact and all the lights functioned properly.

In just four days I received an email with pictures of all the fixtures I sent laid out on the customer’s conference table in Singapore since his house would not be ready for a number of months. He was very happy with the craftsmanship and the lights functioned perfectly.

Singapore living room