Stony Hill

Stony Hill located in Warren, VT was a great project. Not only was it my pleasure to create such a piece but it was created for a great couple.

The fixture that was there was too small. Linda loved my work for a number of years and even helped me at shows. Her husband Walter even helped me setup a number of times as well. So I was really looking forward to creating a focus point for their dinning area.

The antler chandelier features real mule deer and elk antlers that were naturally shed. It has 5 lights. The socket covers are made from real elk antler.

I don’t normally do installs but since Linda and Walter did so much for me as my business grew, I had my friend Paul help with the install process.

Like with a number of my projects, the install required scaffolding to access the electrical box. That took the most time. Once erected, the install went very quickly.

I’d like to thank Linda and Walter for all the help they provided over the years. Additionally, to Paul for helping with the install.

Stoney Hill Chandelier

eye catching chandelier