white tail antler chandelier

Key Features

Hand Crafted. Custom Orders Available.
Materials Real Whitetail Deer Antlers, Real Antler light sockets, UL components used
Dimensions Range from 25″ – 32″ diameter x 16″ – 24″ height
Cost  Please Contact Us for sizing, number of lights and pricing.

If you are looking for a real antler chandelier and you have a space problem, look no further. I create chandeliers for low ceilings, small tables and rooms.

This Whitetail chandelier is beautifully handcrafted  from real Whitetail Deer Antlers that were naturally shed. It’s perfectly balanced and features real antler light socket cover that blend beautifully in with the bottom and upright antlers.

This one features 5 lights and measures 24″ bottom diameter x 16″ high. This is the minimum size I create but can create them larger with more lights.

Whitetail chandelier

Whitetail Chandelier

Real Antler Light Socket Covers Individually handcrafted.

Real antler light socket

Mad River Antler has been creating and crafting one of a kind real antler creations for 13 years in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

Each antler is carefully chosen, cleaned and screwed together for added stability.

The wiring is concealed within the antler and all our creations are carefully blended and finished. All of our electrical components are UL Listed and installed with the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

Our focus is to create each piece knowing each piece will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Please note: this item is handcrafted per order. Since we only use real antler that has been naturally shed the item ordered may vary from the picture.

Contact Me About Ordering

Contact me if you like the way this piece looks and would like to have a similar one created. No two pieces are exactly the same because I handcraft each from naturally shed antlers.