The owners of a beautiful townhouse in Lincoln, NH contacted me to discuss chandelier options for the living room area. They wanted to replace the existing ceiling fan and make the chandelier the centerpiece for the room.

After review the size of the room and viewing a number of real antler chandelier styles, they selected a combination of Elk and Mule deer. They also decided on having an inverted bottom. Inverted in the antler art world is antlers facing up and down.

In my pricing I included delivery as I do for most New England states. Upon delivery I was excited to see how the home sits up on a riverbank and how close they are to the base lodge of Loon Mountain Resort, NH.

A short walk to the river in the summer and skiing in the winter. Thank you Alane and John for commissioning to create your eye catching fixture.

Living room with existing ceiling fan

Loon mountain condo before

Living Room after install of chandelier

Inverted Style: Note the Bottom.

Riverview chandelier